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03/27/2018 Isami M.

Six weeks after starting my rehab program at orange coast I was ready to resume much of my activities enjoyed prior to a total knee replacement. John and his very cheerful and efficient staff pushing me at the right pace was certainly responsible for my quick recover. I could almost say I enjoyed my time at orange coast except the knee paint quickly reminded me of the reason why I was there.

10/25/2017 Sandy G.

Dear Therapy Crew.....Thanks for all of your help and for recating such a comfortable environment.  I have enjoyed so many laughs over the funny stories and jokes. I have appreciated everyone's compassion and help.  Thanks again for all of your efforts.

9/27/2017 Laxmi (aka Lee) P.

I had a wonderful experience there.  The entire staff was very experienced and caring.  Rudy was great.  I am definitely going to come there if I ever need any type of therapy in the future.  Your office will also be highly recommended to my friends and family.  I wanted to thank your entire staff for doing such a tremendous job.  Keep up the great work that you do to help heal all of us.

5/16/2017 Donna W.

I have been lucky enough to have had physical therapy treatments (for two unrelated issues) at Orange Coast Physical Therapy. The first was in early 2016 (as rehab after right hip replacement), with PT John Somerndike, and the second was in the Spring of 2017 (as rehab after auto accident), with PT Rudy Martin.  I cannot recommend Orange Coast highly enough. I have had prior experiences with two other PT facilities, and frankly there is no comparison. The staff at Orange Coast is as personable as they are professional.  Every single one.  They are exceedingly competent and well versed in the physical mechanics of the body, and their treatments are healing, effective, varied and innovative.

4/3/2017  Eileen K.

I felt like I was always welcomed as family! My therapist, Rudy, was always attentive to my physical changes and problems at each visit and worked continually to provide a program to address those issues.  Optimal rehab post-op was always his goal!

3/31/2017  Russell M.

What's the old cliche?  "First impressions are the most important".

So when you walk into this office, you'll feel immediately connected to the whole team. The atmosphere is Professional, friendly and welcoming. The staff is engaging and helpful. The office is very clean and sanitary. The equipment is up to date and well maintained. The reason for my visits was therapy for a complete knee surgery and later a should injury. Rudy Martin PT treated me, coached me and kept me on point making sure that my knee was 100% operational. He made the pain and gain worth every hour I spent in therapy a step by step achievement. Three months after knee surgery I was back playing golf again, having fun again.  I might add that this office has a little special touch about ones golf game.  I'm planning on continuing with my exercise programs at this office on a private basis.  What a wonderful conclusion to a difficult knee surgery.

2/17/2017  Thomas O.

I enjoyed the "hands- on " treatment.  It really helped my recovery.  Rudy is an excellent therapist.

1/13/2017  Flora L

I had the most rewarding and wonderful experience at Orange Coast PT, thanks to the very caring people who made me regain the use of my right knee in no time.  Rudy was my excellent therapist who made me do exercises successfully in spite of my intense reluctance to do them. He made me go through the stages of "no pain, no gain" with acceptable discomfort.  He was very professional at all times, patient and approachable.  Alex was very helpful, graciouis and always anticipated my needs.  Alice made my appointments easily and comfortabley. She was very courteous, nice and pleasan. Joh was very friendly and accommodating ower and manager. He made patients feel welcome to the facility.  The Orange Coast facility and equipment were clean and comfortable.  All in all my experience was superb and excellent.

8/11/2016 Corinne C.
Facing a long recovery from knee replacement surgery, I was advised by several friends to seek the assitance of the staff at this facility. After just a few days of therapy I realized I had made the right choice. The staff was professional, knowledgeable and caring. I credit my successful recover to their very motivating approach. Without hesitation I would refer any of "my fellow gym rats" to this outstanding group of my medical professionals.

07/21/2016 Karen C.
I am having the best type of experience at physical therapy, the type that makes you feel better!
When you're told you have two types of arthritis, and you would be a good candidate for knee replacement surgery, you lose a lot of hope.  But, at therapy, I have been taught specific exercises to build strength in target areas, and these are working to the point that surgery would be in the far distant future.
I always enjoy my (twice-a-week) sessions here, because it's a friendly and supportive atmosphere, with as much personal attention as you might need.  It's a great place to get physical therapy, and I highly recommend it!!

1/23/2016 Jim F.
I was a patient at Orange Coast Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy from 23 Nov 2015 to 20 Jan 2016 recovering from a total left hip replacement. During that time I was under the care of John Somerndike, DPT, MPT, OCS.  I had a total of 21 days of treatment. John and his staff were tremendous!  All of them are very professional in their approach and all "hands on" manipulation is done by fully qualified PTs. There are four PTs in the practice (John, Diane, Rudy and Danielle). There are 4 aides (Alice, Kelly, Liz, and Neama). John worked with me to get full function of my hip so that I could get back to my regular routine as quickly as possible. My treatment included stretching, weights, and physical manipulation. Once my outpatient treatment was completed, John provided me with a set of exercises that I could continue to do at home to keep my hip fully mobile as well as strengthening the muscles.  I can't say enough about my treatment by John and his staff. They treat you as though you are a member of the family. Each one knows his or her job and goes about it with a smile and a sense of humor. You can tell that they work well together by the comradery and teasing that takes place as they go about their tasks. They work hard with the patients while maintaining a light but professional approach to their work. The time spend there seemed to fly by even though a typical regiment for me lasted approximately an hour and a half. John and his staff are continually encouraging their patients and rooting them on! I will miss the comradery among the staff and patients. They made what could have been a very miserable time, very enjoyable and rewarding.  Thanks OCOSPT for giving me full use of my hip back!!  YOU ROCK!!

1/21/2016 Shirley F.
The physical therapist Diane was very knowledgeable and answered all my questions. I'm sure I drove her crazy, but she was helpful and supportive at all times.  All the people there were so friendly and helpful and want the best for their patients.

12/14/2015 Donna R.
I chose the Orange Coast Orthopedic Sports Physical Therapy group simply because it was closest to my home in Silverado. When I first hobbled into their office, happy friendly people welcomed me.  I was there to regain my walking and balance abilities after double-knee replacement surgery.  And while I didn't know it, I was there to regain my confidence as well.
I was put in the hands (literally) of Physical Therapist Rudy Martin; he was the perfect person to work with me.  Rudy knew when to push me, and when to ease up.  He knew when to be serious and when to have fun.  He became my trusted therapist, guide, leader and teacher and I will forever be thankful for his knowledge, skill and care.
The environment of the Orange Coast Orthopedic & Sports Physical  Therapy is clean and well organized.  John, the gracious owner, has assembled a group of helpful, lovely people whose goal is to get you back on the road to health and happiness.
I am delighted to report that after only 11 weeks of therapy, I have the confidence and ability to walk for several miles, and go up and down stairs comfortably.  At home, I am following an exercise program that Rudy recommended for me, and I can tell that each week I am getting stronger.  I am so happy!

09/16/2015 Tony B.
Just a note to tell you how impressed I am with my physical therapist John Somerndike.  John has a passion for physical therapy, and seeing people progress.  It's not just a paycheck for him. My insurance allows me to go to physical therapy 3 times a week.  I'll probably go seven times a week, and John is always there to help me get better.  John, number one, knows what he is doing and really cares about his patients.  If you would've told me a year ago I would enjoy going to physical therapy, I would've told you that I was crazy. John explains the exercises, and how they will help me, and he is always there to correct me when I'm doing them wrong.
Believe me I have been to many different physical therapists over the years, and he is far and above the best I've ever been too.  This has been the most trying time in my life and the hard work is paying off.

08/10/2015 Shirley G.
EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE!  Thanks for your help with my knee.  Through your expertise and knowledge, my knee is not as painful and I feel like I've gained strength in my legs for better support and movement.  Great environment, with lovely people!  I will recommend you to Everyone!  I miss you all!

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